Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Metro & Retro Menu Covers - Like Monorails & Surfing.. They're Back!

Retro Menu Covers are an exciting leading wave of classic fun. They are a knockout. They work well in a variety of environments, but most especially where you want to have that 50's "feel good" zeitgeist. The edges are clear, but the spine is fabric. The stitching matches the fabric spine; silver corners with no ornamentation round out the look.

Then there're the Metro covers.. they have a clear spine, and as such are less campy and more able to transition to modern, contemporary, and trendy dining rooms everywhere. They're surprisingly affordable, and don't require an imprint- nor can they take one if you wanted one. You just put in your fabulous inserts, and they'll speak volumes. We understand that only the Menucoverman makes these at present. Give them a call.. they've got samples!