Friday, January 9, 2009

Communicate to your patrons more effectively.. with table tents.

My dad liked to say: "Your best patron is your current patron."

Sure, new customers and warm bodies coming through the door are always welcome and always part of the mix. But in the restaurant business as in most businesses, repeat customers are your bread and butter.  

There's another take on your current patron:  when they're in your dining room, they surely want to know what's new. They love what you make and bake, and they're willing to try the next thing.

There's that moment when everyone's paying rapt attention to your specials as the waiter reels them off. But you know what's better?? If when he/she finishes the crisp and well-rehearsed dissertation, & says: "..and, if you missed any of that, just take a look at the table tent next to the candle, where you'll find a synopsis."

The highest and best use of a table tent in an upscale restaurant is for specials. But showcasing bar items, and dessert options comes in a close second. Table tents were once viewed as tacky- yet more and more restauranteurs now see them as appropriate, and providing genuine service and information to their guests. There is little doubt that table tents, as well as table stands a close but decidedly more pedestrian cousin, will increase your ticket and bar tab. They are a miniscule investment for a profound and ongoing benefit.


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